This Office:

  • represents Visa Applicants from Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Philippines and Many Other Countries.
  • specializes in Colombia and Latin America.
  • handles Immigration Consultations and some Premarital Agreements.

  • USA Immigration Attorney with 35+ Years of Legal Excellence (Since 1982)
  • Managed Hundreds of Visa Applications and Consultations
  • Serving U.S. Clients in All 50 States
  • 100% Visa Petition Approval Rate

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I'm Gary Bala. My office handles U.S. family visas for worldwide applicants, and also offers some U.S. State premarital agreement service - creatively and cost-effectively. I've helped hundreds of U.S. Citizens across the USA and Visa Clients Worldwide with a family visa for a fiancée or spouse or minor child or parent or other family member, and provided related immigration consultations.

My office is small, but this enables me and my assistant to provide close, personal attention to your particular case. Read some success stories from our Client Testimonials. Stay informed by checking my frequently updated site. And if you have further questions or issues, please call us so that my office can help make your dreams to unite with your family member come true.

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