(CR-1 and CR-2)

The Spousal Visa (Conditional Resident-1 for brides and Conditional Resident-2 for minors) permits your new International Bride and her minor children to enter the United States as your wife and children. It is issued by the American Consulate in your bride's native country upon the filing of a I-130 Petition for Immediate Relative with supporting documentation.

The process can be initiated in the United States or, in appropriate cases, at the American Consulate directly. It will involve an extensive document review, and medical examination and interview. Upon a clear showing that the marriage is genuine and sincere, the Consulate will grant the Spousal Visa to your new bride and her children.

Marriage Information Assistance and Spousal Visa Fees, Costs and Advance Notice
$1400.00 for Marriage Information Assistance* and Spousal Visa service (At Best Available Speed)
*$250 Retainer-Deposit Requested (Non-Refundable)
*$100 additional for each child
[*Please note that the local marriage official will have their own separate charge for actually performing the marriage.]
Attorney Fee
(Our Attorney Fee does NOT include Immigration Service filing fees and Embassy charges listed below)
$355.00 Immigration Service Filing Fee for I-130 Petition for Spousal Visa
$1,010.00 Consular Fee for Visa Stamp
$100.00 Consular Fee for Medical Examination
$100.00 Consular Fee for Visa Application & Interview
In order for our office to adequately prepare and assist you, please provide us with MINIMUM 45 DAYS Advance Notice before you leave for your fiancee's country to marry. Advance Notice