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"As an Immigration Officer with the United States Department of Homeland Security, I know all too well that the process of obtaining a visa can be long and arduous. I am well aware of the confusing forms to fill out, the intimidating bureaucratic red tape to cut through and the endless waiting game to play. I knew that if I was going to bring the love of my life home with me, I would need professional help.

Mr. Gary Bala was there to offer that professional help and for a reasonable price. He prepared all of the legal petitions, cut through all of the red tape and made the waiting game a lot less painful. He remained involved with my case, through the process, and kept in touch even after my fiance received her visa. I would recommend his services not only to the average Joe, but to other Immigration Officers as well."

J.S., U.S. Immigration and Border Patrol Officer, Bisbee, AZ March 14, 2006
[Fiancee from Peru]


"Good news! Andres [my spouse] and I had our interview [at the U.S. Consulate] in Bogota last week and got our Spousal Visa, and we are now safely back in NYC together. Thank you for all your thoughful advice that helped make this possible. Cound not have done it without you, and our interview went incredibly smoothly and quickly, and in spite of the complications of our case, all because [of the] detailed [Embassy] supplements as you suggested. Many thanks!"

K.B., NYC Public Interest Attorney, J.D., Yale Law School,
NYC, NY April 05, 2006
[Spouse from Colombia]


"As an Immigration Officer with the United States Department of Homeland Security, I know all too well that the process of obtaining a visa can be long and arduous. I am well aware of the confusing forms to fill out, the intimidating bureaucratic red tape to cut through and the endless waiting game to play. I knew that if I was going to bring the love of my life home with me, I would need professional help.

Mr. Gary Bala was there to offer that professional help and for a reasonable price. He prepared all of the legal petitions, cut through all of the red tape and made the waiting game a lot less painful. He remained involved with my case, through the process, and kept in touch even after my fiance received her visa. I would recommend his services not only to the average Joe, but to other Immigration Officers as well."

J.S., U.S. Immigration and Border Patrol Officer, Bisbee, AZ March 14, 2006
[Fiancee from Peru]

"We want to say a Super Special 'Thank you' to our personal friend Mr. Gary Bala, Immigration Attorney, Licensed, true Professional, Immigration Lawyer who went way beyond the call of duty to personally help us achieve our dream...We highly and fully recommend Mr. Gary Bala, his staff and services to everyone - Especially all of our I Love Latins clients! Gary is knowledgeable, friendly, very helpful, totally up to date on all the new laws and very professional. Gary gets on the paper and stays in touch with them and you during the entire process. He completes his work with speed and accuracy, assuring that your lady is with you in the fastest time allowed; thus, freeing you up to focus on the most important things in life, a new exicting, rewarding lifetime together. Again, we say 'Thank you' Mr. Gary Bala! We will be sending you all of our clients and friends! Have anyone call us or E-mail us if they have any questions in using your honest and sincere Immigration services...Tel: 281-481-0036 E-Mail: Sam@ilovelatins.com." Sam and Consuelo Smith (Owners of "I Love Latins"), Houston, TX August 23, 2006 [Fiancee from Barranquilla, Colombia; Ceremonial Wedding Conducted by Gary Bala in Barranquilla, Colombia in June 2006]

"I am writing to you from Bogota Colombia. Yaneth and her son Sebastian had their interview yesterday and were granted visas to travel to the USA. Yaneth explained to me that many other ladies were having their visas turned down and were in tears. She also explained that because she had so many papers and photos that the interviewer was impressed. I see you really know your buisness. I want to thank you for your great service. Thanks again." Von S., Narco, CA August 24, 2007 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Mr. Bala, Visa Approved!!! The Embassy in Honduras just approved my fiancee's visa (and kids' visas). I wanted to personally thank you for your guidance through this very difficult process. I just wanted to express my gratitude ASAP. Thanks a million, celebration time!!!" Gary T., Flossmoor, IL, April 28, 2009 [Fiancee from Honduras]

"Hi Gary, You can add another notch to your gun barrel. We got our visa on the 28th. Patricia was only asked two questions regarding how we met. Then she handed me the phone and the officer offered me a thank you for coming to Bogota to be at the interview. She said that made their job much easier, then she told me all the papers were in order and that we were granted our VISA. You made sure that our papers were in order. Thanks again for your help." Alan D., Livonia, MI July 28, 2008 {Fiancee from Colombia]

"Very professional." Howard H., Hemet, CA May 07, 2001 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Thanks for all the hard work." Charles B., Milwaukee, WI July 19, 2000 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Excellent work." J.L.H., Lubbock, TX January 25, 2000 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"A lawyer of a different breed, truly concerned and not pretentious." Steve S., Waxahachie, TX January 11, 2000 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Thank you so very much! Exceptional job!" Farron S., Library, PA March 15, 2000 [Fiancee from Panama]

Farron returned to us in 2004 for another visa: "Gary: With the critical and exacting standards required by such a visa assignment, I could not consider enlisting any other Immigration Attorney. I could entrust this matter in no other hands. Kellym [my fiancee] also sends her most sincere and grateful thanks. In modern times, it's hard to find professionals who really exert themselves for their clients. Thanks!" Farron S., Washington, PA June 02, 2004 [Fiancee from Cali, Colombia]

Farron's Fiancee Kellym in Cali, Colombia added: "Thank you very much for representing Farron and me to get the Fiancee Visa. I know that you are one of the best attorneys in the U.S.A. I really [can] confirm what an excellent professional you are. Many people know you here in Colombia. Thanks a lot and God bless you and keep you always in good health." Kellym D.R., May 05 & June 08, 2004

"I can't believe the response rate to questions." Steve R., Cedar Springs, MI September 26, 2000 [Fiancee from Peru]

"Thanks for your expert help. [My fiancee] and I are getting along well." Mark T., Redwood City, CA January 06, 2000 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"My visa petition was approved in four (4) days." Thomas O. W., II, San Francisco, CA September 13, 2001 [Fiancee from Colombia]RECORD TIME FOUR DAYS AT CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER, PETITION FILED SEPT. 09, 2001, AND APPROVED SEPT. 13, 2001:

"Thank you for all your help for me and Diana [fiancee]. It was right on the mark, especially about the interview." Michael W., Phoenix, AZ May 03, 2000 [Fiancee from Mexico]

"I found your [website] information on the net about marrying a Colombian lady. Awesome stuff and thank you so much for it."[Colombia Marriage] Joe L., June 05, 2003. [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Thank you for all the hard work and professionalism you provided my fiance [Luis] and [me] on getting through the complicated and nerve-wrecking process of obtaining a K-1 visa. With your help we obtained the visa from Colombia without any complications and suprisingly faster than ever imagined. We recommend your services to anyone and everyone with similar immigration problems, as your services were well worth the small fee paid. We are happy and enjoying our new lives together, thanks to the professionalism and guidance and above all patience and understanding you gave us. Thank you so much for everything!" Sandra and Luis M., Bridgeport, CT August 22, 2002 [Fiance from Colombia]

"I just wanted to inform you that Mary went to the Embassy today and collected her visa. Mary and I are both more than happy. We want to thank you so much for your very good services and all the replies from our e-mails." Mary F. and Ronnie S., Lindenhurst, NY May 14, 2002 [Fiancee from India]

"I highly recommend Gary Bala because he is very thorough and clear, and can help in expediting this process. He has the knowledge and expertise in this area and he gladly assists in answering all questions that you might have." Rick B., Wilkes-Barre, PA May 05, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Thanks for all your help that you gave to Monica and me for the processing of her Visa. You were always there to answer all of my questions on every step of the way, and that really helped. My fiancé received her Visa without any problems at all and I think that this is the most important part of what you do when it comes to all of us men that need to get our ladies here in a quick and easy way. It was well worth it! Thanks again!" Steve L ., Omaha, NE May 10, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Good news to report. Nancy's interview at the embassy (June 13th) went well. I was actually there with her and everything went smoothly. We picked up her visa the following day and flew back to the U.S. that night. Thank you again Gary for all your assistance, good advice, and patience. All our waiting finally paid off!" Blaine & Nancy C., San Jose, CA June 20, 2002 [Fiancee from Peru]

"Hats off to Gary Bala !!!!!!! There are those do-it-yourself kits that promise to save you money. And... there are the horror stories of requests for more documentation and months of delay by INS from persons who chose to face this challenge alone. Gary delivered professional personal service. He answered all questions and provided clear concise information. For us, we received approval at the Texas Service Center and Bogota, Colombia with no incident. Looking at the countless documents Gary prepared, I would probably still be filling them out months later. All we can say is if you want it done right the first time around, use a professional. We are now married and very happy. Thank you Gary Bala!! Steve & Paola D., Houston, TX July 02, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"Dearest Gary Bala - Good Morning, Sir. I hope that you have a wonderful day today. I and Gary [my fiance] would like to thank you for all your efforts in helping us in processing our papers. May God bless you always and more power to you." Ma. Victoria and Gary S., Maricopa, AZ October 23, 2002 [Fiancee from Philippines, Petition Approved in 40 Days]

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for Claudia and myself. I firmly believe in your service and consider it a GREAT VALUE for the money that I spent for all the services rendered. My application for the Fiancee Visa was processed promptly and professionally, as well as all of my questions answered fully. I would recommend to anyone your services because I am CONVINCED that it expedited my application process and allowed Claudia and myself to be together sooner. You can use me as a reference anytime. Thanks Again for All of Your Help and Hard Work." Claudia and Len Dayer, Conway, AR December 03, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia, Petition Approved in 21 days]

"Gary, We would like to thank you for the exceptional job you did in preparing the documentation required for the visa applications for my wife and stepson. In addition to the documentation, your advice and guidance was very helpful in avoiding many pitfalls along the way. Due to your help, I was able to receive my marriage visa very quickly and provide the exact documentation necessary for the wedding in Colombia. We were very impressed with the level of professionalism displayed by you and your counterparts in Colombia (translation services, etc.). With the documentation provided by you, we were able to receive the visas for our family within 17 days of the application. We have to believe that the manner of presentation and the completeness of the documentation played a major role in expediting this process. Again, thank you very much and we would recommend anyone who chooses to make this journey use you for their guide.

In addition to the visa services, both of us were very happy with the pre-marriage agreement prepared by you. Your recommendations created a fair and equitable agreement that is to everyone's best interest." Brian and Sugey Zachary, Houston, TX June 12, 2003 [Lady Spouse and Stepson from Colombia, Spousal Visa through DCF at U.S. Embassy in Bogota, Colombia]

"My I-129F Petition was sent late April [2003], and we received notification May 1st [2003] from Vermont (N.E. regional office), that they would begin processing. May 21st [2003], the N.E. regional office said they completed their processing and [were] now forwarding it to NVC (National Visa Center) Portsmouth, NH which is the new leg of the processing. May 30th [2003], I received a mailed notice from the NVC that they have processed the Visa and it was being forwarded to the Bogota Embassy... M. [My fiancee] called me last night (June 9th, 2003) with news that the Embassy had mailed her papers for her Bogota interview, examination etc.

So there you have it Gentlemen in a nutshell. April 28th, the papers went out, June 9th, the Embassy papers arrived on M.'s [My fiancee]'s doorstep. We have cleared all the major visa processing hurdles in less than a month and 1/2.

I know this wasn't all luck. I realize having Gary's name branded on my visa papers which is the first thing they see through every step of the processing at each center certainly helped, and also the fact as Gary explained that Vermont and the Bogota Embassy make an excellent combination for the fastest possible processing in all of Latin America. Anyhow, that's it. I hope that the hardest part is over but we are anxious about this new step in our lives. I can't express the support I received from Gary and Gary's associate in Bogota, Martha. It made a difficult transition much smoother every step of the way!" F. & M., USA, June 28, 2003 [Fiancee from Colombia, Visa Petition officially filed 05/01/03, Visa received in hand, 06/26/03, Total Time less than 60 Days]

"Today my fiancee, E., had her interview at the Embassy in Lima [Peru]. The fiancee visa was approved! We are both so happy, we have no words. I am glad it [Embassy process] went so well. I am also convinced that having the original package come from your office, with your professional preparation, helped more than we may know. Thank you so much for your assistance in this process. Best to you and your staff."[P. & E.] J., August 26, 2003 [Fiancee from Peru]

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm EXTREMELY impressed with [Your Paralegal in Bogota] Martha's hard work, her intelligence, her focus, and her perserverance in this matter. Without her help, this [case] would have dragged on for a very long time." S.L., September 11, 2003 [Spouse from Colombia]

"Mr. Bala: Kelly had her interview today. It was a long day but she received a positive response. We are very happy and cannot wait to be together and take the next step in our life together. I know that we will work together for a strong relationship and long life together. Thank you for all the good work." Gordon B. & Kelly G., Maryland USA, April 06, 2005 [Fiancee from Colombia, Visa Petition filed on 12/27/04, Visa Petition Approval on 01/13/05, Petition Approval in 17 Days]

"Thanks for your assistance in the visa process." Sam & Katia W., January 04, 2005 [Spouse from Colombia]

"The expertise of Gary in dealing with the INS was an enormous help during this whole process. We can't imagine having to do all the paperwork alone. We look forward to working with him in the future to continue the citizenship process." Russ & Katty Johnson (soon), York, ME October 14, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia] Click Here for Russ and Katty's Personal Website.

"Gary Bala, Immigration Attorney, is the Best of the Best. He is to us, was and remains to be, and to us, will always be, not just a great Immigration Attorney but a good friend as well. Gary goes out of his way to help you in your process of your visa, speeds up the process to save you time (and money in the process), helps you on his own time when he should be at home like nights and weekends especially, instead of waiting until Monday. As in our case, he called us on a Saturday to give us the 'good news', we were approved by Immigration for our fiancee visa. And to top that, we were in the middle of waiting for our fiancee visa approval when the 09/11 terrorist attacks hit, Gary again went out of his way to help us get together by helping us get in contact with our local Congressman and our Immigration office, because immigration was at a standstill. Because of 09/11 terrorist attacks, my fiancee and I were extremely worried that we would never get together, but Gary changed that worry and got us approved, and now we're married happily and living in Minnesota. He is fast, very, very professional, saves you a lot of time, money and is a great friend. With much gratitute and thanks for everything." Ana & Gary P., Spring Valley, MN May 07, 2002 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"I want to thank Gary Bala, the attorney, for all the help he gave us. Sandra arrived in Jackson, MS on July 31, 2002 on a fiancee visit. We were married on August 6, 2002 in Meridian, MS. It has been great. We are so very much in love. Thanks a lot!" Charles and Sandra H., Meridian, MS May 30, 2003 [Fiancee from Colombia]

"I visited Maria [my fiancée in Santiago, Chile] in March of 2000 for our introduction. I returned again in September 2000 and we started the process of obtaining a fiancée visa. After getting the visa. I returned in August 2001 to accompany Maria and her daughter back to my home. On October 20, 2001 we were married in a small church among many friends and family. We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Gary Bala, who was extremely helpful in this endeavor." Bill and Maria Eugenia B., Knoxville, TN October 20, 2001 [Fiancee from Chile]

"Pay the man his fee. He gets the job done!" Steve and Aney M., Springfield, MO April 05, 2000 [Fiancee from Barranquilla, Colombia; Petition Approved in 30 Calendar Days]

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on November 11, 2003:
"I used Gary Bala and he has been a wealth of advice. I think you will find he is well respected. Even after all my visa work was done, processed and approved, he has continued to give me advice when I asked on other legal issues that would deal with a foreign wife. He did this because he wanted to help me, not because he wanted another consult fee. Good man, Gary Bala." Andy. D. ("Kiltboy1")

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on August 11, 2003:
"I too would like to say that Gary Bala has been a great source of knowledge on obtaining a marriage or spousal visa. He has helped me many times and I would not hesitate on using him again in the future. Thanks, Gary." Howard H. ("H2Oh")

Post on Latin Women E-Mail List on October 02, 2003:
"AT LAST!!! At long last, my fiancee [from Cali, Colombia] will be arriving on Monday. Her visa was quite the challenge. [After starting the visa process myself], I had to turn it over to immigration attorney Gary Bala. His knowlege, patience and persistence made it happen." David B. and Monica

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on May 27, 2002:
"I have had nothing but positive experiences with Gary Bala. I have known him around three years. Gary answered every question I had completely gratis. I eventually hired Gary to do my K1 for my present wife. He was completely upfront with me. The point is I believe in giving credit where credit is due and the guy is good in my book. In my opinion, he is one of the good guys you run into on this journey." Chris C. ("Edge")

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on June 07, 2000:
"I would have been much money and time ahead to just hire Gary Bala (attorney). He has people in Bogota who help you through the process. I spent much more than his fee with extra nights in Bogota and extra round trip fares between Bogota and Cali [to address problems]. Just hire Gary Bala." Pete E.

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on March 01, 2000:
"Hire Gary Bala! As much study as I have given the subject, as much as I think I know, as much as [informational] posts [are] of help and the guy in Texas who has a primo web page on the subject - I will still hire Gary Bala when my time comes. Paying a professional is like taking out insurance. Dealing with the government means dealing with sometimes poorly motivated people who are reading from a manual that isn't all that clear - and they get blamed if they don't follow it exactly. Bureaucrats are people too! Sure you can do your own thing - and if something goes wrong, you will pay and pay and pay to get it fixed, in my opinion a ton more than Bala would have charged to begin with."
Larry S.

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on March 08, 2005:
"Thanks Gary. Your Web Site is full of all kinds of valuable info."
Ray (who provides immigration information and advice on Planet Love).

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on April 24, 2005:
"I highly recommend Gary if you choose to use an attorney. No one is as familiar with Colombia and all of LAm as he is. And if you choose to do-it-yourself like I did, buy a couple of hours of his time to save yourself a lot of headaches and lost sleep. It was the smartest money I've spent during this whole process. Thanks Gary."
James M. ("LittleBuddha").

On May 13, 2005, "LittleBuddha" added: "I really think that Gary is a real bargain. He knows the process inside out and uniquely understands the issues faced by the men on this board. The whole process of marrying and bringing my wife here cost me between $15-20K. The extra $1200 amounts to about $1 an hour for the sleep I lost worrying about if I was going to get an RFE [Request for Additional Evidence]".


Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on August 04, 2005:

"To be honest if you are going to use a immigration attorney I would use Gary Bala all the way.... he has helped many men here [Planet-Love] and else where for no money. I had a problem a rather big one and Gary talked to me free of charge. Forget the fancy web sites... if you want a man in your corner take Gary Bala its a home run..." "Fuzzyone"

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on August 05, 2005:

"I used a guy [local immigration attorney] closer to me (I live on the west coast and Gary was on the east if I recall correctly), and although he [local immigration attorney] came highly recommended his service was horrible. They got the job done, but access to him was nearly impossible. If you don't have the time to fill out the papers, or if you just want to pay someone to take care of it for you like I did, then I would use Gary." "thundernco"

Post on Planet Love Discussion Board (Latin) on August 05, 2005:

"I agree that you are better off using Gary. If you go back , there are attorney horror stories. Any attorney can call himself an immigration attorney. Knowing what he is doing is not a requirement. I originally contacted a local "immigration attorney." During our initial conversation, I realized that I knew more about what needed to be done than he did. Gary has been down this road so many times he knows all the ins and outs. I did my own work and consulted with Gary on a few extraordinary issues. It can be done without an attorney if you do your research and pay attention to the details. I estimate that I spent about a 100 hours including research to do it myself. But I am a accountant and a stickler for details. Others may have spent less time. I know of two other people that did it themselves and made mistakes that cost them several additional months of waiting. If you decide to do it yourself spending a couple hundred dollars talking to Gary will save you a lot of time and headaches. Either way Gary is your best bet." James M. ("LittleBuddha")