Our attorney service is tested and the results are proven. All of our visa petitions have been approved (100% success rate), and nearly all our visas have been issued (99% success rate). Furthermore, we will relieve you and your new International lady from the time and stress burdens of dealing alone with the Immigration Service bureaucracy and the U.S. immigration process, thus allowing you both to focus on your social and personal obligations and work demands.

We welcome your initial call or e-mail to ask us about our service, what we do, how we do it and why. Our objective is to achieve the union of you and your new International Lady in the USA in as smooth and expeditious a time frame as the circumstances of your case will permit.

We offer continuous and creative advice and solutions to you and your new International Lady in immigration, estate planning and even investment issues.

We are ready to answer your inevitable questions such as:

Can we get a fiancée visa extension? 

Can the gentleman or lady ever pursue a second or third fiancée visa, if the first one does not culminate in marriage? 

How much time does the lady fiancée have to enter the U.S. once she is issued the visa? 

What are the pros and cons of the fiancée visa vs. foreign marriage and the spousal visa? 

After the marriage under the fiancée visa, what immigration work needs to be done to assure that the new bride will achieve legal residency?

When is the fiancée or bride eligible for a U.S. social security card, work permission, health insurance coverage, driver's license, school studies and travel to and from the U.S.?

And many others.

Retaining our service pays for itself many times over in the sheer volume and quality of our practical and tested answers to your questions. 

Our attorney website, one of the best around, offers you and your lady 4/7 Petition Status Checking. SEE: Check Petition Status. (Our attorney website is also in Spanish.)

We can also monitor your individual petition status with the Immigration Service and U.S. Consulate and provide you with on-going report and advice, as appropriate.

In the event true difficulties arise with your case, our office, as a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), can utilize the service of the Lawyers Liaison Committee which contacts the Regional Service Centers to resolve issues and request expediting of your petition in appropriate cases.

We immediately send you a simple but comprehensive questionnaire and document request including the Immigration Service adit color photograph requirements, and send the same to your fiancée in her native language, to promptly begin the process for petition filing. Incorporating your responses, we also send you, in advance of the Consulate's notification papers, the completed Affidavit of Support, and Sample DS-230, Parts I and II, DS-156 and DS-156k. 

We also send you practical and tested suggestions and tips and "pitfalls" to avoid for 1) the all-important Consular Interview and medical examination based on our experience with actual cases; and 2) the equally critical U.S. Port of Entry Immigration Service interview.

In short, we offer our clients a strategic advantage, practical benefit and assistance, and above all peace of mind.





Speed, Ease, Convenience & Logic

We can save you up to weeks in visa processing time because:

1)We begin the work at once;

2) We do all the legal petition work and apply our expertise to complete the job;

3) We stress ACCURACY AND PRECISION in petition preparation, thus avoiding the kinds of routine mistakes which force the Immigration Service to return many petitions for additional evidence or correction. We also stress presenting a LOGICAL AND PERSUASIVE petition package to the case adjudicators at Immigration and the Consulates in order to clearly show that your case is sincere and legitimate, and thus avoiding any file notations by the adjudicator of potential fraud or need for further investigation.

  • Our petitions are submitted to the Immigration Service with the Form G-28 Attorney Notice of Appearance, reflecting our name, "Law Offices of Gary G. Bala", which assures almost instant recognition in the Regional Service Centers and most of the American Consulates.

  • Our petitions are sent U.S. Priority with Signature Confirmation to prove delivery. They attach and showcase a Presentation of Exhibits format of supporting documents which are indexed, tabbed and protected in the preferred Immigration Service format in accordance with Regional Service guidelines. This orderly and logical presentation helps prevent document loss by government file clerks and encourages ease and speed of handling, and minimizes any risk of potential file notations by case adjudicators of potential fraud or need for further investigation.

  • Our petitions have been approved by the Immigration Service Regional Service Centers at "best available speed" currently possible under immigration regulations and practice, and with minimum potential delays or difficulties.

  • Our clients enjoy receiving their visas for their fiancees or brides or family relatives at the Consulates with "best available speed" and efficiency, and with minimum worry, under current visa processing regulations and practice.

  • Our clients are our best references, and include doctors, attorneys, engineers, business owners and even a U.S. Border Patrol agent. See Our Client Testimonials.

Worry Free and Time Efficient Results
FREE Initial Consultation with No Obligation
FREE and Continuous Legal Advice

Immigration Service Experience, Consulate Knowledge & Logistical Support

We know and have worked with the Immigration Service and U.S. consulates abroad. We have personally visited the following Immigration and State Department facilities: 1. National Benefits Center and National Records Center, 2. National Visa Center and 3. Nebraska Service Center. The U.S. Consulate in Bogotá, Colombia in particular has seen dozens of our petitions and knows our name. Our immigration office holds a Business License in Colombia with the Camara de Comercio. Our paralegals, where appropriate, can assist the ladies on the ground in the foreign capitals where we are located with answers to difficult questions, special problems or unusual circumstances. 

Case Status Checking
Pro-Active Methodology

Security and Comfort of Attorney Level Service

Our Attorney Experience and Qualifications are open for review. Any attorney should be equally forthcoming in detailing his or her Law School credentials, current Law Board licensing, Experience level, and Membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). We encourage you to check Attorney credentials and references. 

As concerns other visa services, beware of non-attorney immigration "consultants", "professionals" or "advisors" who have recently mushroomed in the family-based visa industry and on the Internet. Many of these consultants have questionable immigration credentials, and work inside of marriage and introduction agencies as a way to allow the agency to charge you additional fees. Others are home-based Internet businesses started by a website owner with dubious educational qualifications who has secured a fiancée or spousal visa for his foreign-born wife and has now become an overnight "expert", and may charge a fee almost as high as an attorney's. 

Still others work outside of agencies as part-time translators and even taxi drivers and flower-delivery attendants, and rail against lawyers and attorney fees as a way to justify their fees which they claim are "lower". In actuality, many of these consultants wind up costing you more than an attorney service with an all-inclusive flat fee such as our office because they charge you "per person" for each visa form and "per correction" for each mistake, and because their errors and omissions waste your valuable time and attention, and over-tax your patience. 

Immigration Service regulations and federal laws allow only attorneys and in very limited cases law students and non-profit organizations to represent you before USCIS and U.S. Consulates. See 8 CFR Section 292.1, et seq.

Here's what the Immigration Service says about non-attorney consultants: 

"A visa [or immigration] consultant or any other person who is not a licensed attorney or an authorized representative pursuant to 8 C.F.R. 292 may only assist a person in in completing preprinted forms in exchange for nominal remuneration, if any, and must not hold himself or herself out as qualified in the area of immigration and naturalization law and procedures...When [the consultant] fee is other than "nominal", [the consultant] has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. INA Sec. 292, 8 U.S.C. 1362." 

See International Matchmaking Organizations: A Report to Congress, March 1999, Page 18. Legacy INS, Department of Justice.

Immigration consulting fraud in the U.S. is widely-reported in the media. Because of this, many states prohibit or severely restrict non-attorney immigration consultants, professionals or advisors such as New Jersey (N.J. Rev. Stat. Sec. 2c:21-31 [1997]), Arizona (Ariz. Rev. Stat. Sec. 12-2701 [1997]), New Mexico (N.M. Stat. Ann. Sec. 36-6-5 [Mitchie 1997]), and Minnesota (Minn. Stat. Sec. 325e.031 [1996]). For more on this problem, see: Immigration Consultant Fraud.